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Innova Live is a platform that has united professional traders in one group to increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency trading.
Here you have a unique opportunity to receive passive income from the field of cryptocurrency trading. Our traders open more than 1000 orders in 24 hours and 60% close after 48 hours, thereby we get progressive income in the shortest possible time.
In the cryptocurrency trading process, an important role is given to outsourcing companies, which provide us with the results of an in-depth analysis of invaluable information on market changes that have arisen as a result of certain economic and political events. The preparation and use of extremely accurate forecasts regarding the fluctuations of various currencies in crypto-trading transactions allows us to minimize risks and ensure stable company profitability. We plan to increase working capital through cooperation with private investors. The company invites everyone who wants to become our financial partner - invest their own funds in highly profitable cryptocurrency trading conducted by leading experts in their field of activity.

Our team invests free capital in various cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etehrum, Ripple, etc., with the aim of further reselling these currencies on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Digital money is a promising, anonymous and new industry for investment, which is increasingly forcing investors to recognize this area.
The main goal of our company is to reduce risks and ensure regular returns for our investors by attracting additional private investment and subsequent reinvestment of the collected assets. Private investments will help us increase our monthly income by increasing active transactions on exchanges and increasing trading volume.

We are glad to inform you that our company launched the platform and became available for everyone who wants to become our investor. We will help many people get out of the financial trap and turn their income into passive income. By investing every day with Innova Live, you increase your financial well-being and receive money without extra effort. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to find financial freedom and constant income to fulfill your desires and dreams. Start your dream journey today with Innova Live and remember that everything is possible for the person who manages his future!


“In our unstable time, it is extremely difficult to give financial guarantees. The situation on world markets sometimes changes rapidly, and often exchange rates depend solely on fundamental factors, without being subjected to technical analysis and forecasting. Many of the largest companies tried to give full guarantees of their stability, but, unfortunately, did not always fulfill their obligations to users and contractors. We could not stay away, realizing that a reliable and safe company should still exist. We created the << Innova Live >> project to work with finances, and satisfied customers, respect among competitors, large amounts of money trusted by users are the best guarantee that tomorrow’s financial day will start for you with Innova Live and we have a future ...